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No waste

Regenerative fashion that keeps the life cycle in a closed loop just like nature does with you

Women empowerment

Made in an atelier that works for gender equality

Creates jobs

In order to rescue these garments we partner with an NGO that employs people at risk of social exclusion

Reduces fashion pollution 

Salvages good quality garments produced with your finite natural resources and the valuable work of lots of people

Embraces you

Unique garments to

respect your unique personality and body

0% natural resources consumed

Up-cycling avoids the exploitation of water and new raw materials

Do not keep reading if you are sensitive to reality.


Everything you do has an impact. Like it or not. All of your decisions will have consequences on someone else's life. Want it or not. Okay, we are not going to go crazy and feel responsible for all the catastrophes in the world (that would be a bit too much drama, yes). Instead we are going to realise how powerful and important every of our actions is, every little step in our daily lives. 

And now let’s do a little exercise: close your eyes and imagine that little action you did today or will do tomorrow repeated by the 7500 million people there are on the planet. That is quite something! 


Do you want to know something even more exciting?


This is already happening! The zero waste culture, veganism, the slow living, the cyclists… There are so many movements arising for a better world. Join us and let us show you that you are not alone.