This is not a blouse.

This is a unique piece that minimizes your ecological footprint while fighting for women's rights.

  • Upcycling, the most sustainable fashion

    Would you like to tackle down the climate crisis? Just get dressed!

  • Positive Social Impact

    You have the power. 

    Let's use it to do good.

  • Uniqueness

    Every garment is one of a kind, go find the style that matches best your personality!

  • Intergenerational

    women empowerment

    In response to our feminist community needs.


Find your impact style. Find your impact style. Find your impact style. Find your impact 

Our inspiration is you


The beauty of a garment can be better appreciated and represents you more loyally when the ones who made it enjoyed a dignifying and respectful work environment.


Deleitewear is a community where I feel loved and happy. I am proud of wearing their clothes and empowering each other. 


Once you wear Deleitewear you realize this project has arise from the love for women.

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“Deleitewear, upcycling and intergenerational fashion, with a big focus on women empowerment”




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