A local atelier for women's rights

We want to bring awareness to the need there is still to fight for women's rights.

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We produce our sustainable designs locally in a social impact atelier in Madrid. This city was well known for its popular fashion ateliers a few decades ago, whereas nowadays it is not easy to find them anymore since fashion production has been relocated to Asia due to cheaper wages. We are so happy we found our perfect match. 

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The manufacturing of upcycling fashion is not easy since we do not start from an homogeneous infinite roll of fabric as the common production does. Producing new fabrics, either from natural or man-made fibers, involves intense water and energy usage in addition to several toxic products like phthalates or nanophenols for dyeing and finishing.

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Social Impact

APRAMP atelier is way more than a place for fashion manufacturing. By supporting this association we contribute to the detection, assistance, protection and recovery of victims of women trafficking. Once these courageous women are recovered, they are offered training and a job at the atelier for their future independance.

"This concept brings us the chance to dress as individuals embracing our uniqueness in a context of inclusivity."

We really make our brains work to get the puzzle together and dedicate time and love to each unique piece, avoiding the production of new fabric and keeping it circular.


Every final Deleitewear design comes from a pre-loved piece of clothing, therefore they need to be cut and considered individually. This concept brings us the chance to dress as individuals embracing our uniqueness in a context of inclusivity. Contrary to nowadays mass produced collections, each Deleite piece is one of a kind.

We will only make it happen together