Our regenerative process

Deleitewear proves it is possible to enjoy fashion while fighting against the climate crisis and for social justice.

400 squared meters of valuable textiles salvaged up to now.

 The current fashion system is completely linear and unsustainable. Even recycling PET bottles or old garments requires a mix with new virgin materials, many chemicals and tons of water. Upcycling is the most sustainable fashion production. If you want to discover why, keep reading.

We do not believe in waste, we believe in clothing reincarnation. Have you ever realised all the natural ecosystems are completely circular and closed loop? As Mother Nature’s apprentices we want to copy this zero waste approach to implement new ways of thinking and experiencing fashion.


Click on the circles above to learn more about each of our steps in our upcycling circular process.

From the very first moment when we start the material sourcing until we deliver our products, we strive for personal relationships with the people involved in Deleitewear. It is not just about a brand or about fashion, it is about transforming the current reality we do not like into a better present. A chance we can only achieve together, walking hand in hand and through our everyday actions. This implies changing our mindset and really controlling our deepest fears and impulses to resist under the pressure of the fast-paced fashion world and fast-paced lifestyle culture that drives us naturally into rage, anger or depression. The film “Sorry we missed you” by Ken Loach pictures these ideas very well. 

We want to be completely transparent with you, not only in our process but also in our mission, thoughts and experiences. It is by sharing that we can communicate, understand and learn from each other, creating a stronger resilient community.

We need you on board.
More than fashion

High quality garments reborn as soul fashion. 


We will be able to keep dressing ourselves until 2050 with the amount of clothes there is on Earth at the moment. 80% of the produced textiles goes to waste. Garment production consumes a huge amount of our finite natural resources. Among these are high quality natural fibers that have been already extracted from our finite natural resources. We decided it was worth salvaging these precious materials.


Now is your turn. To transform them into social well being you just have to wear them.

Our concept can be completely circular, thus it will not be sustainable without you, the people who believe in it and make it real, makes it happen. Sustainable is an adjective that describes something which can last in the long term due to its social, environmental and economical feasibility. Therefore, our biggest challenge is not profit but awareness, the moment you realise the impact of one Deleitewear garment you will understand it.

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