Limited edition of 100% upcycled Premium Shirts. We have rescued luxury bed linen and transformed them into the most versatile garment, a staple piece for your wardrobe. Classy or casual, you can wear it with jeans or leggins for a comfy street look, dress it up with a skirt or go for a formal outfit with a blazer and suitpants... You style it! 


A special shirt full of meaning and positive impact :)

Deleite Shirt

Contrast stitching detail
  • The Deleite Shirt has something to tell you... 

    "Hey! I'm a unique positive impact garment. I have been made for your delight. While wearing me you will discover a new way of dressing ;)

    I'm made in Madrid (Spain) by strong amazing women, recovered ex-victims of traffiking.

    I'm made from rescued quality fabrics. This means the lowest carbon footprint you can get! 100% upcycled.

    In a previous life, I was a luxury hotel linen made out of high quality combed cotton, sometimes mixed with polyester for wrinkle reduction and higher resistance. I was unluckly discarded because of tiny imperfections. Now, thanks to Deleitewear, and thanks to you 😍 (the wearer), I am reworked into the perfect shirt."

    Wearing Deleite clothing will support women empowerment and the social inclusion of people who are struggling. #dresstoimpact 

    Cheers for new beginnings!