The meaning of purple, our color

As you might have noticed, purple is our color. Besides being a representative color for the women empowerment movement, which is one of our core values, it has other meanings.

Do you know the Jacaranda tree? Its flowers are associated with the rebirth and the magic of spring. Besides, it gives its name to a special shade of purple, between amethyst and mauve. According to the Mexican consultancy agency, Trendo, it is the color of the year. In 2021, the Jacaranda color represents the hope for a new and better time. It is the tone of spirituality, tranquility, and the pursuit of happiness.

In Deleitewear, we believe that this color is perfect for representing our values. We believe in the rebirth of clothes, or as we like to call it, clothing reincarnation. We also hope for a new and better time. We hope for a change in the fashion industry, where the environment and the people are taken into account. We want to make you and the planet happy.

Ainoa Navarro

Communication & Visual Design

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