Rescuing "waste" with Imperfectus and Flip&Flip

One of the great things about Instagram is that you can discover tons of inspiring people, brands, and initiatives. It is true that the oversaturation makes us overlook many accounts, but every now and then you find real gems.

That's what happened to us with Imperfectus. It was love at first sight. As its name suggests, Imperfectus offers imperfect but delicious fruit and vegetable boxes. Its mission is to eliminate food waste by offering quality and proximity products, in addition to eliminating the overconsumption of plastic. Imperfectus gives a second chance to those fruits and vegetables that are too small, too big, with chafing, with strange shapes… This sounds familiar to us. We rescue clothes, they rescue food. That's why we decided to contact them. They were the perfect match.

Shortly after, while doing a bit of research on upcycling, we discovered Flip & Flip. Crush number 2. Ignacio, one of the co-founders, tells us that in his area, Aragon, many companies produce truck tarpaulins and solar awnings. The leftover scraps from the production process end up in a landfill waiting for their time. Getting rid of them is not an easy task, and it generates a serious environmental impact. Flip&Flip was born in 2016 to turn things around, transforming the waste generated by the industry into new bags and backpacks with a unique, functional, and attractive design. Both in terms of values and product, could there be a better combination than Deleitewear and Flip & Flip?

After a few emails and meetings, we decided to collaborate together. Is there something better than combining food and fashion in a big giveaway? The truth is that both Imperfectus and Flip & Flip are bigger brands, so this collaboration was very delightful for us. We are very excited to join forces with brands that transmit the same values as Deleitewear, and that make the world a better place. In addition to being young companies, Imperfectus and Flip&Flip also have a positive social and environmental impact. It has been a pleasure to rescue "waste" together.

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