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We salvage quality textiles

There are already enough clothes on the planet for all of us to keep dressing until 2050, but every second, while you are reading this, a trash truck full of textiles is being wasted.

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Land Use

Our process abstains from land exploitation.  It’s estimated that around 2/3 of the harmful climate impact over the lifetime of a garment comes from the materials. For example, the nonstop consumption of natural fibers implies a great loss of biodiversity. More than 150 million trees are chopped down every year to manufacture cellulosic fabrics with 30% coming from ancient and endangered forests.


Waste Management

We are avoiding the pollution that wasting valuable textiles would mean in terms of decomposition in landfill or incineration. Waste management is one of the activities that contributes the most to methane emissions. Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas contributor to climate change following carbon dioxide.


Water Use 

We are sure you have already heard the famous quote: “ It takes about 3000 L of water to produce just one cotton T-shirt”. Want to know where this water is going? The main water consumption and polluting processes are fiber production, dyeing and finishing. Good news: We are creating fashion skipping all these steps and therefore saving so much water!


Social Impact

We believe business should be a force to drive positive social impact. We get involved with non-profit organizations to fight for human rights through all our supply chain. We collaborate with an NGO for the collecting and sorting of our pre-loved garment materials. ModaRe offers support, training and employment for people at risk of social exclusion in Spain. According to this non profit organization, 8.5 million people were living in a situation of social exclusion and 1.8 million people in a situation of extreme poverty in 2019 in Spain.



We take good care of the hygienization of the garments and do it in the most eco-friendly way. We use ozone laundry systems which save energy and time during the washing cycle thanks to ozone’s high effectiveness in cold water. Compared to traditional laundry, ozone laundry cuts hot water usage by 90% and dryer usage by 50%.

Every second, while you are reading this, a trash truck full of textiles is being wasted.

We are finishing up all our natural resources, meaning the average occidental woman would need the resources of three Earths to keep her lifestyle and the way of dressing she has if we would all do the same. Are we mad?



"We like to call it clothing reincarnation"

At Deleitewear we do not want to exploit our finite natural resources when there is already plenty of textile material for use. We challenge the system and creatively source our materials without consuming any land to grow new crops, any water and any toxic chemicals to create new fibers. 


We salvage pre-loved quality garments that are still in great condition although, due to tiny holes or imperfections, they cannot be sold in the second hand or vintage market. We offer these textiles the opportunity to keep living. It is a clothing reincarnation. Extending the life of a garment for only 9 more months reduces its carbon, water and waste footprint in 20 - 30%. We offer you the opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint. 

Enjoy shopping with a positive impact