Design for women & circularity

Deleitewear is a women lead project, we design only what is best for women, what is best for us. 


For women

We design flexible fits because we, women, are allowed to feel good with the changes our bodies experiment. We know there is nothing more changing than a woman's body and we are confident and cool about that.


By women

It is also true that we love sharing our wardrobes so we aim to design pieces that can adapt in size. We are all about body and age positivism! What a relief, we can eat properly tonight...

"Not only a response to our feminist community needs but also an eco-strategy"

The clothes we dress certainly affect our mood and the vision we have from ourselves. Fashion has traditionally pressured women towards specific static beauty archetypes through history and it keeps doing it nowadays. We are decisive to not let this happen anymore.


We design together with you

This adaptability is not only a response to our feminist community needs but also an ecostrategy to avoid clothing unutilisation. We design for longevity. The consultancy Ellen MacArthur says size is one of the main reasons why clothes are thrown away. By designing more size inclusive fashion with flexible fits we prevent returns from online shopping and ensure it will have a longer life.

We value the feedback of our community and we name our design variants after the women that inspired us.

Enjoy shopping with a positive impact