Personalize your own impact Balandra Top

Let's design your perfect fit

Scroll down and choose your favorite option in every step to create your very unique Deleite piece full of positive impact and personality!

Step 1: Choose your favorite fabric

We do not consume any of our finite natural resources to create you impact garments. How come?! Because we salvage already existing fabrics! For this customizable collection we have rescued a selection of high quality menswear shirts which includes a wide variety of of intricate twills, vivid colors, formal stripes, classy checks...

Choose your fabric.gif

Step 2: Choose your fav body silhouette

 fully smoked

2. ss21 variantes-20.png

semi smoked

semi flowy

2. ss21 variantes-21.png

add an extra ruffle

to make it longer

2. ss21 variantes-25.png

Step 3: Choose your fav sleeves

french sleeves

2. ss21 variantes-23.png

candy sleeves

2. ss21 variantes-24.png


2. ss21 variantes-22.png