Terms of use

Next, we want to tell you necessary legal questions such as the terms of use of our web.

These General Purchase Conditions regulate the use of the Deleitewear website.

When you use the services of the online store as a customer, it is assumed, in any case, that you adhere to the General Purchase Conditions in the version published at the time of the purchase order. Therefore, it is convenient that you read these General Conditions before proceeding to make a purchase.

These General Purchase Conditions apply to the sale of all Deleitewear items through its website in each country. Deleitewear informs that the purchase on its website is exclusively aimed at an audience over 18 years of age.

By using this website, you agree to:
a. use this website only for legally valid inquiries or orders.
b. Do not place a speculative, false or fraudulent order.

Deleitewear rescue quality fiber of being waste to avoid polluting the planet and the consequent climate crisis. Therefore, the garments are not made with new fabrics and it cannot be considered a defect that the fabric is not new. In the case of tops and shirts, the garments, in addition to being exclusive, are unique. No two garments are the same, therefore, there is no stock of garments or different sizes.

The applicable prices are those indicated on the website on the date of the order. The prices are detailed in each article and include VAT (Value Added Tax). The amount of shipping costs is indicated to the customer in a detailed manner at the time the order is placed.

Total Payment will be made at the end of the purchase process and will be an indispensable condition for its completion. Accepted payment methods: Purchases can be paid with typical bank cards as Visa®, Discover, Mastercard® American Express and IDEAL. In any case, the payment method is chosen during the purchase process on the
corresponding screen.


The security of our users' financial transactions is extremely important to us our platform is Wix. Wix Payments are100% committed to protecting our customers. For this reason, Wix Payments complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Our platform Wix uses The PCI DSS that is the highest information security standard for organizations or companies that accept credit card payments. This standard provides protection of the privacy and confidentiality of the cards' data used to complete the online transaction. 

PCI Compliance helps to create a secure environment by improving the quality of the cardholder data in order to reduce the rate of credit card fraud cases. In addition, it ensures that the data for each payment is stored securely in a tamper-proof manner. Providers or issuers of payment methods may adopt anti-fraud measures that involve rejecting certain types of operations. Deleitewear is not responsible for the implementation of these types of security policies.

Order delivery will be carried out at the address indicated by the customer in accordance with the following options:

6.1 Home delivery:
Standard delivery: The customer must pay the shipping costs: €5 in Spain, €15 in Europe. We don´t sell out of Europe for avoid shipping pollution. If you have any questions about your country, please, contact us.

- In the case of shipments to Ceuta and Melilla, the customer must also pay the customs fees and taxes generated by the order.       These costs are paid at the time the order is received and in no case are they included in the price paid for the products.

- In the case of shipments to the Canary Islands, the customer must also pay the Customs
    management fees generated by the order (€8) and the AEIM tax regardless of the order amount, where appropriate.

   In addition, the customer must pay the corresponding tax. These costs are paid at the time the order is received and in no case

   are they included in the price paid for the products.

The address indicated by the customer may be a private address, a workplace or any other address indicated. There is no need for the billing address to match the shipping address. Our transport provider will send you an e-mail or SMS (if you have provided a contact phone number with your order) indicating the delivery date and offer you the possibility of changing such date. On the planned delivery date, our transport provider will send you an e-mail or SMS (if you have provided a contact phone number with your order) informing you of the approximate time slot for delivery. 

6.2 Problems with delivery: 
In the event that the delivery cannot be completed because the recipient is absent, the transport agency will leave a note and try to contact the recipient by telephone. After two failed attempts, the customer must contact the transport agency to proceed with the delivery.

At DELEITEWEAR we strive to make your purchases a delight, but if, for any reason, this is not the case, you can exchange or return the item.

How can I request the exchange or return of an item? You can write to us at laura@deleitewear.com. You must attach the order confirmation email that you received when you purchased our product, and include the following information:
• Order number
• Client and address
• Reason: withdrawal or claim
• Tell us if you want an exchange or refund
•Telephone contact

7.1 Return for withdrawal
The withdrawal is considered the will to return due to a change of opinion or error of the customer when making the purchase.

Once we receive your exchange/return notification, we will notify you of the receipt indicating the process to follow. The right of withdrawal may be exercised as long as the items you wish to return are in perfect condition, without having been used, with their original labels and in the same or similar packaging.

The customer must be in charge of sending us the products in perfect condition, a maximum of 14 calendar days * after receiving the products. In these cases, DELEITEWEAR will reimburse the customer for all payments received from the customer and the customer will assume the direct cost of shipping to make the exchange / return effective.

Once the right of withdrawal has been exercised and the items received in perfect
condition, the full amount paid for the returned items will be refunded, including the initial
shipping costs, if there had been any shipping costs at the time of purchase of the product.

7.2 Return for claim
In cases where you consider that at the time of delivery the product does not conform to what was requested, you should contact us immediately through laura@deleitewear.com or nuria@deleitewear.es; so that we can solve the problem in the way that best suits each case.

Once we receive your exchange/return notification, we will notify you of the receipt, indicating the process to follow. The right of return may be exercised as long as the items you wish to return are in the same conditions in which they were delivered to you, without having been used, with their original labels and in the same or similar packaging.

In the event that the claim is due to causes attributable to DELEITEWEAR (for example, a color or model that does not correspond to the purchased reference), DELEITEWEAR will be responsible for collecting the products and/or changing them for the correct one, taking charge of the costs associated with this return and/or exchange.

For any questions or queries, please contact us at laura@deleitewear.es

* For the calculation of calendar days, all days are considered: working days, holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

All orders are subject to availability. In case of stock or supply problems, we can offer you substitute products at the same price or at a different price. If you prefer, the amount you have paid will be fully reimbursed. We reserve the right to remove any product or content from this website at any time. We do not accept responsibility for the consequences of removing or modifying any product or content on the website.

Our liability with respect to any item purchased on our website is strictly limited to the purchase price of the product.

Due to the open nature of this website and the possibility of errors in the process of storing and transmitting digital information. We cannot guarantee the accuracy and security of the information transmitted or obtained through this website, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


All your comments and suggestions will be well received. You can send them to us at laura@deleitewear.com. In addition, we have official complaint forms available to consumers and users, in case you want to request them through the same email.

We will attend and respond to your claim as soon as possible, and in any case within a maximum period of one month.


DELEITEWEAR reserves the right to modify these General Purchase Conditions at any time. No modification will affect orders that are already in progress.


Compliance by Deleitewear of all or part of their obligations will be suspended in the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure that prevent or delay compliance. Such unforeseen circumstances or force majeure include, but are not limited to war, riots, insurrection, social unrest, strikes of any nature, and supply problems not attributable to our company. Deleitewear will inform the customer of such unforeseen circumstances or force majeure within seven days of their occurrence. In the event that such suspension is extended beyond a period of fifteen days, the customer will have the possibility of canceling the current
order and will subsequently receive a refund under the conditions provided in point 6 of these General Conditions of Purchase.



For the resolution of all controversies or issues related to this web or the activity carried out on it, Spanish law will be applicable. Any controversy that arises or is related to the use of the website or with said contracts will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals.