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About Us

Welcome! It’s a true delight for us to introduce ourselves to you. 
Our Story

Deleitewear is a project of three generations of women. We, the founders, are Nuria and Laura, mother and daughter. While Nuria was born between the sewing of her own mother, Laura studied fashion and has fallen in love with circular economy. 


Did you know that fashion is the second polluting and environmental harming sector worldwide? After our own experience and a variety of research we feel responsible for making fashion sustainable.


That is why, we started by rescuing and upcycling men’s shirts. Because of tiny lacks in their fabrics, they could not be sold any longer. So, we thought: Why let something turn into waste when it still can be a delight for you?


Upcycling - What was first a thought is now our deepest belief. We are more than happy to present you Deleitewear!

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Our Philosophy

Deleitewear’s philosophy is based on the certainty that there are alternatives to fast fashion. We are a triple bottom line business whose main funding reason is not only the economic profit but an environmental and social benefit as well. This is how we make real sustainable fashion, which means viable and good for all in the long term. 


The pace of fast fashion is not just harmful for our environment. The working conditions endanger millions of people, especially women. It is a delight for us to offer dignifying jobs to the women making your clothes. 


We are all about positivity, happiness and equality. 

We value mother nature, and we value women in all their diversities. Both need our protection and active support. 


Our deepest wish and goal is to spread our message around the world to truly make the world a better, more delighting place with our upcycled fashion. 

Our Production

By buying your upcycled, fashionable Deleitewear pieces you are becoming a true hero. But how’s that? 


Well, first of all you rescue quality fabrics from becoming waste. For our new collections we do not need to extract or create any new fibers or fabrics. We are upcycling, meaning we make fashion circular. By buying from Deleitewear, you advocate for the conservation of our valuable natural resources plus you are protecting endangered biodiversity. Since our garments are produced locally in Madrid and don’t pollute the environment, you are saving tons of CO2 emissions as well.

Secondly, you are helping women actively to escape from inhumane living conditions and finding ways into an independent and free future. Our production employs women at risk of social exclusion and trafficking victims. APRAMP makes our designs possible, an organization which offers training and a consistent job. 


Is there anything more delighting than purchasing a new fashionable piece while saving your environment and fighting actively for women rights? 

Our Design

Deleitewear is all about body and age positivism! 

We from Deleitewear know that there is nothing more changing than a women body. Therefore, our upcycled fashion is designed to flatter all body types. With their flexible fits, our pieces aim to adapt to your body for your comfort. 


In contrast to nowadays mass-produced fast fashion, each piece from Deleitewear is unique. As unique as you! Each upcycled garment has their own history transformed into happy and cheerful designs. To get the best out of yourself!


Be delighted and enjoy our upcycled fashion. 

Designed for making the world a better place. Designed for real women bodies. Designed for you! 

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Let's mimic nature, where all systems are circular. Waste is a design flaw created only by humans. Pleased to meet you, I am the fashion designer and researcher in textile engineering.





I dream of a triple bottom line company where the environment and the social inclusion are taken into account. For Deleitewear, I control the finances.



Communication and Visual Design

Circularity, women empowerment, transparency… These are some of the values that make Deleitewear unique.  I am in charge of communicating these values in a fun way to connect with our community in the digital landscape.



Marketing and Communication

The fashion industry can't waste any more new valuable resources on short-lived collections. I advocate for this. In order to get you the best upcycled fashion, I work on the marketing strategy for entering the GermanAustrian  and Swiss market.  



Expert in RSC and sustainable finances

Transparency is the key, why I want you to know all about the changes you wear. I am leading the social and environmental impact assessment of Deleitewear and managing the French market.

Laura Fernández

Meet the team

Nuria Cavia

Ainoa Navarro

Sara-Mae Reif

Chloé Laurent